How To Have The Wedding Day Everyone Will Remember? The Question Every Couple Asks Each Other.

Planning your wedding ceremony


David Allbutt

2/9/20233 min read

“I think it is empowering that couples are taking control of how they want to share the experience of their marriage. Couples from all backgrounds are realising they do not want to be told how to celebrate their love.”

What is the best way to remember something I hear you ask? Well, I can answer that question with my lifelong experience of being a teacher it is through experience. All the great teachers I have ever worked with have classes who are happy, enjoy what they are doing and always talk about their lesson with passion and feeling.

What has this got to do with a wedding ceremony I hear you ask?

I always feel when planning a ceremony, I want every couple to have the same emotions of being so happy doing something you love and enjoying every minute of the experience.

Everyone knows what a standard wedding looks like. There is nothing wrong with that but why not have a ceremony which will make you laugh, smile, cry and will with a little bit of magic, light up the lives of all those who are with you on your wedding day.

The ceremony itself may be 30 minutes or up to 1 hour in length. It is the public declaration of how you feel about each other and why all those people have turned up. So yes, you should have a ceremony which everyone will remember and more importantly, one you will never forget.

It surprises me how many things are decided before a couple chooses who is going to conduct their wedding. Now, being a celebrant, I may have a slightly biased opinion, not of the importance of the celebrant but more importantly on how a celebrant helps you to make your wedding day so memorable.

I see my role as a celebrant is to open the eyes of a couple to the possibilities. The possibilities of what their ceremony experience could be like to them and everyone who they have invited. I enjoy performing traditional wedding ceremonies they are beautiful and hold so much meaning to couples. I also enjoy ceremonies which are unique and personal to each couple. There is also the third option to have a traditional ceremony which is also unique and personal. The opportunities are endless.

Whenever a couple enquire about a ceremony, I always say before we do anything, let us have a conversation about what you want. Talking through the ceremony, even when you have a firm idea of what you want your ceremony to look like, is always a good thing to do. I find working with couples and having a chat about the day is a such a positive experience. Asking what they want the day to look and feel like is invaluable. Even in our first conversation I to try to get them to think and picture what they want their day to look and feel like. The important thing is I might not be the celebrant who can get them to where they want to be but as a professional, I want them to be fully invested in what I have to offer.

Having a celebrant who is skilled in planning, able to deliver a scripted, well organised and well written ceremony gives you the confidence to know how the day will develop and you will know exactly what will be happening and when. A wedding planner may well be guiding you through the whole experience from advising on suppliers and the running of the day from the start to the final dance. What the celebrant will do is guide you through the structure and meaning of the words of your ceremony. A celebrant will give you the confidence you have chosen the right words to say to each other, included the people most important to you and will set the atmosphere for the rest of the day.

There are lots of reasons why a couple chooses to have a celebrant wedding. The most common reason I hear from couples is they want choice. The choice to have the ceremony they have always wanted, or to say to each other exactly in their own words the reasons they want to marry.

I always think back to weddings I've attended and what I remembered about them or how people talk about weddings they attended. Often people remember the party celebration after the speeches but what about the ceremony? Looking back at the wedding pictures I hope a couple when they have had a celebrant ceremony remember what they said to each other, their emotions and most importantly have a smile on their face thinking back about their experience.

Coming back to the question how to have a wedding day to remember? A celebrant wedding allows the couple to have choice, the freedom and the ability to have the wedding experience they will never forget. It gives you the freedom to celebrate your love in your own unique way.

David Allbutt Ceremonies Wedding Celebrant
David Allbutt Ceremonies Wedding Celebrant
David Allbutt Ceremonies Wedding Celebrant
David Allbutt Ceremonies Wedding Celebrant