Last minute Weddings Don't Need To Feel Unplanned or Unloved

When couples want to have a wedding ceremony which has less time for planning it does not mean you need to sacrifice quality. These are some (not all) of the things I chat to couples about at the start of planning.

David Allbutt Ceremonies

6/12/20242 min read

If you are planning a last-minute celebrant wedding in the UK, it can be exciting and a lot of fun. As a wedding celebrant I always like to have a chat with a couple about what they are looking for and what to think about to ensure it is a seamless and beautiful event. I always ask where the planning is up to and try to offer a few simple considerations. As a celebrant I can offer a range of alternatives which will help with the planning. Firstly, think budget, budget and budget. Last minute can often lead to paying above what you planned.

  1. Venue Flexibility: Look for venues with late availability. Consider non-traditional venues like local parks, community halls, or even a friend's garden. Some venues offer discounts for last-minute bookings. If you do not ask you will not know.

  2. Legalities: Part of your planning may include you want to meet the legal requirements for marriage in the UK, including giving notice at your local registry office before the ceremony or afterwards. Think about how you want the registry aspect to coordinate around the ceremony.

  3. Simplify the Guest List: Keep the guest list small to reduce stress and costs. Close friends and family are easier to coordinate on short notice. If you wish to have a larger number be prepared to find some people may not be able to attend. I always ask couples to think about their family, friends and what their work commitments and roles. Could you have an evening ceremony?

  4. Hire a Planner: If your budget allows, a wedding planner can be invaluable in managing coordination and sourcing vendors quickly.

  5. Prioritize Vendors: Focus on securing essential vendors first: officiant, photographer, caterer, and florist. Local vendors might have last-minute availability.

  6. Digital Invitations: Save time and money by sending digital invitations. There are a lot of platforms to use. Are there any members of the family IT whiz kids who could help?

  7. Attire: Shop for off-the-rack wedding dresses and suits or consider renting. High street stores and online retailers can provide quick solutions. Think about guests and what you want them to wear? Make it easy for them and they will find it easier to attend.

  8. Delegate Tasks: Rely on friends and family for help with DIY projects, such as decorations, favours, and even baking the cake.

  9. Stay Flexible: Be open to weekday or morning ceremonies, which might be easier to book last minute. Check the season you are planning in; are there restrictions or issues you may have when booking. Peak season, Christmas, and school holidays.

Stay organized and flexible, you can plan a beautiful last-minute wedding that feels just as special as one planned months in advance. Keep your budget in mind all the time.